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Dear Customer! We are grateful, that you have chosen the goods. Advantage of our choice is high-quality production and reasonable prices.

Warranty conditions: the Customer has the right, for free-of-charge repair during the warranty period in the warranty service under the warranty conditions.

1. The warranty is valid starting at the date of sale of a product during the term specified in the warranty coupon if the Customer submits:

a) the original cash receipt, with the instruction of date of purchase.

b) Correctly and clearly filled in warranty coupon, with the name of a product, its serial number, date of sale, warranty period and clear press of the seal of the company.

2. The company reserves the right to refuse in warranty repair in following cases:

a) The documents listed in c.1 are not submitted.

b) The information in documents is incomplete or unclear.

c) Serial number on a product is erased, removed, changed or unclear.

3. The product can be removed from warranty service (repair) in following cases:

a) if mechanical damages or traces of falling are found, as a result of transportation if it was made by the buyer.

b) if not qualified installation of products took place (the information on installation in the instruction of the manufacturer), demanding special connection if it was made by the customer.

c) At infringement of the instruction regulations stated in the maintenance instruction.

d) If the presence of traces of not qualified intervention and (or) repair is found.

e) At use of the product intended for personal (household) needs in industrial and (or) the professional purposes, and also in other purposes mismatching its direct purpose.

f) At the damages caused by the extraneous subjects, substances and insects, which were found in the product.

g) if the damages are caused by influence of external factors, such as a smoke, a soot, a dust, evaporations of a moisture, liquids, casual external factors (a throw of a pressure in an electric network, a thunder-storm, etc.).

h) if the damages are caused by force majeure circumstances (a fire, flooding, hurricane, etc.).

i) if the damages are caused by discrepancy to state standards of parameters of voltage, telecommunication, cable networks and other household and external factors.

j) Damages caused by usage of non-standard and (or) poor-quality printer and copier supplies, the spare parts, completing materials and accessories, a different sort of data carriers (including, but not being limited by audio and video cassettes).

4. The warranty does not extend on electrochemical sources of a current, remote controls, printer and copier supplies and accessories, and also on the software.

5. The product is a subject to an exchange or return only at observance of following requirements:

a) Submitting the documents listed in c. 1.

b) The Packaging.

c) Service life of a product from the moment of sale should not exceed 1 year.

d) Under submittance of the original complete set and packing, according to specified in the instruction or in the passport

6. Additional conditions:

a) Delivery of a faulty product is carried out due to the customer.

b) Elimination of defect is carried out in time not more than 8 working days. In case of the order of completing products at the company manufacturer, term of repair stipulates separately.

After warranty period we offer repair at reduced prices.

Phone number: +371 20222240
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